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Local Law 31 of 2020, also known as the Lead Paint Inspection and Removal Act, was introduced in New York City to help protect residents from the risks of lead poisoning. The law requires landlords and building owners to conduct certified lead-based paint inspections for all dwelling units in pre-1960 residential buildings within a specified timeframe. If lead-based paint is found, the landlord or building owner must remove the paint and any contaminated materials from the unit. These requirements are enforced by the NYC Department of Housing Preservation & Development (HPD). By ensuring that all pre-1960 residential units are free of lead-based paint, Mold Removal Rockland NY will help to protect tenants from the potentially harmful effects of lead exposure.

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When anyone is a property owner in New York City, in that case, it’s essential to be up-to-date on all the latest local laws – especially when they have the potential for costly violations. The most recent example is Local Law 31 of 2020, which updates the rules around lead paint in NYC. Everything people need to know to maintain compliance is available here. First, if their property was built before 1960, they will need an inspection within the next two years to check for lead-based paint hazards. Following the inspection, they will need to create a lead hazard treatment plan outlining the steps we will take to address any concerns. And finally, they will need to keep records of the inspections and treatment plans on file and provide proof of compliance to any tenants who request it. So make sure they are up-to-date on Local Law 31 – it could save them a lot of money down the road.

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The Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Act of New York City (Local Law 1 of 2004) has undergone multiple updates recently, most notably with Local Law 31 of 2019. These updates have strengthened existing lead laws and expanded inspection requirements for landlords and building owners. The new law requires landlords to inspect their properties for lead paint and correct any hazards. A landlord who disobeys the law could face civil penalties. The law also requires building owners to provide tenants with information about lead hazards in the building and to make repairs if lead-based paint is found. By taking these steps, New York City is working to protect children from the dangers of lead poisoning.

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On August 9, 2020, local law 31 was enacted in NYC. This law requires landlords to have X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) lead inspections conducted by EPA-certified inspectors to test the presence of lead-based paint in old residential “multiple dwelling” buildings. It represents a significant advancement in safeguarding locals’ health, particularly that of kids, who are most susceptible to the negative consequences of lead poisoning. The new law will help ensure landlords take the necessary steps to keep their buildings safe and Lead-free.

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Every New York City resident knows the city is constantly changing and evolving. What many people don’t realize, however, is that these changes also apply to local laws and regulations. For example, Local Law 31 was recently enacted to ensure the safety of all residents by mandating the removal of lead-based paint in all homes and buildings. This 5-year testing requirement means all building owners must have their dwelling units inspected for lead paint by August 9, 2025. With such a looming deadline, it’s vital to remove lead paint. Rockland Mold Removal is a local company specializing in lead paint removal and can help them comply with Local Law 31. Don’t wait until the last minute to remove lead paint from their home or building – contact Rockland Mold Removal today.

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