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Lead Testing Rockland NY

Has a house been constructed before 1978? Before people renovate or rebuild, get a lead test. In the U.S., lead poisoning is the most common pediatric ailment that people may avoid. Household lead may be everywhere, including in paint chips, tap water, dirt, dust, and dust mites, making it simple for kids to consume. Many of the surfaces in several offices and about 80% of the homes and apartments in Rockland County still have lead paint on them since they were built before 1978 when lead paint was banned for household use. Over time, lead dust can build up or become agitated during renovations. Find out if there is a risk before they take the chance of exposing their family to lead. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency claims that home test kits are not always reliable. Therefore, employ Mold Removal Rockland NY to keep their family secure.

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Lead is a hazardous metal that can hurt a person’s health in several ways, including behavioral problems, difficulty learning, seizures, and even death. Between the ages of one and five, nearly one million kids have dangerously high blood lead levels. We can still discover lead paint across many apartments and houses built before 1978, when lead paint was banned for domestic use. During or after remodeling, children and adults are likely to breathe in harmful levels of lead dust. Young kids enjoy putting their hands and objects in their mouths. They ingest any lead dust that may be present on peoples property or their floorboards. Find out if there is a risk before they take the chance of exposing their family to lead. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency advises using a professional lead testing service like Rockland Mold Removal because home test kits aren’t always reliable.

Lead Paint Removal: Why It's So Important

It is possible to find lead in various places inside and around the house, including the paint, the water, and the soil. We can also find lead in some toys. People can acquire lead poisoning through ingestion of lead, which is why it is essential to have a home tested for lead. In the United States, the use of lead-based paint in residential construction was outlawed in 1978; if the home or apartment they rent or own was constructed before that year, they should get it tested for lead paint.

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Before starting any renovations, before removing painted surfaces, and before starting any demolition projects on a property built before 1978, if someone is buying, selling, or renting a condo, co-op, or house. Because lead dust can be dispersed throughout the house when lead-painted surfaces are removed or disturbed improperly, this can pose a greater risk to their family. Use only specialists who adhere to strict safety regulations while working with lead, such as Rockland Mold Removal, certified in lead-safe work techniques.

Lead Paint Removal At The Best Price

Lead is a highly harmful and particularly poisonous metal. A dangerous and occasionally fatal ailment is lead poisoning. Lead accumulation in the body causes it to happen. Lead is present in lead-based paints, such as those used on toys and the walls of older homes. Additionally, it can be discovered in polluted dust, art supplies, and fuel goods sold abroad. Get tested for lead before it gets worse because our lead test is reasonably priced.

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Children who put lead-containing things in their mouths can ingest lead. They might become poisoned if they touch the lead and put their fingers in their mouths. Children’s developing brains and neurological systems make the lead more dangerous to them. Although We can treat lead poisoning, people cannot undo any harm done. Rockland Mold Removal can help customers keep their kids safe.

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The protection of our clients is invariably and unwaveringly our number one concern. Get a lead test today with Rockland Mold Removal to ensure the safety of their home.

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